Demos for the acoustic songwriter

Unplugged Demos is a custom song demo service, specializing in acoustic music. We have many years of experience in the bluegrass and acoustic music fields, which help us take your original songs to the next level. As a writer you strive to make your songs be all they can be, shouldn’t your demo do the same? You only have one chance at a first impression, we can give your song the impact that it deserves. Our goal is to provide a high quality, great sounding demo at a price reachable by all. We do this by keeping our studio and musician costs very low, passing the savings on to you. Every aspect of your demo, from tracking, to mixdown is done in house, by Grammy nominated musician/engineer/producer/singer Troy Engle.

Step 1

You send us a cd or mp3 of your song. It can be “rough”, just an instrument and vocal is fine. We just need a sample of your song so we can write chord charts and finalized the song arrangements, and begin the recording process.

Step 2

Once we receive payment, we then record all of the instrumental tracks and vocals.

Step 3

Lastly we mix your song and send you a copy as a wav, mp3, or on a cd. You then have a great sounding demo to promote your song.
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